Urban Architecture Walks

1. Burnie Living History

Strip back the layers of time to reveal the hidden history of the Burnie CBD precinct.

Burnie was established by the Van Diemen’s Land Company in 1827. This walking tour will take you through the Burnie CBD area, to uncover the history hidden behind the modern buildings we see today.



TasLivingHistory is an initiative of Business Northwest, a division of the Burnie Chamber of Commerce.


2. The Burnie Art Deco Trail


Coinciding with Burnie's 1930s industrial boom, was the growth of Art Deco architecture in and around the CBD. The Burnie Art Deco trail highlights the sleek designs indicative of the movement, that remain.

Take a wander past some of Burnie’s finest art deco buildings, and some that are a little more obscure.



3. Federation Walk

Another lovely urban trail is the Federation Walk.  In 1871 tin was found at Waratah (a 50-minute drive south of Burnie) and it became the richest tin mine in the world at that time.  It created wealth for the city and the impetus to build Burnie's fine Federation architecture (c.1890 - c. 1915). A self-guided walk interpreting many buildings around Burnie's city centre and close the residential area was developed describing significant Federation buildings in domestic and civic architecture.

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