Federation Walk

In 1871 tin was found at Waratah and it became the richest tin mine in the world at that time.  This triggered a boom time in Burnie.  The minerals travelled by rail to Burnie Port then shipped to the smelters.  It created wealth for the city and the impetus to build Burnie's fine Federation architecture (c.1890 - c. 1915).

A self guided walk interpreting many buildings around Burnie's city centre and close residential area was developed describing significant Federation buildings in domestic and civic architecture.

Discover federation buildings

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Victory Parade Cattley Street

Victory Parade Cattley Street

wonderful keyhole entry design

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Available from the Burnie Regional Museum and Burnie Visitor Information Centre at Makers' Workshop the brochure provides a self guiding map with details on properties history.

For a taste of what life was like here during the Federation period, explore the famous Federation Street at the Burnie Regional Museum.  It captures the North-West region's past in lifestyle, culture and architecture.  Discover the sights, sounds and smells of Burnie at the turn of the 20th century.

Each shop and business in the Federation Street once existed in Burnie.  Built from original salvaged materials, the architectural styles represented were all common in North West towns at the time.  Even the paint colours and sign-writing styles used are authentic to the Federation period.