Tasmania's North West

The Upper Natone Reserve is a popular recreational area featuring BBQ's, picnic tables, uni-sex toilets, play area with swings, and the Pat Crane shelter. An easy half-hour stroll along a walking track through diverse native vegetation is well worth a look.

Spring is heralded by the flowering wattles, followed in late spring/summer by the beautiful Tasmanian Waratah.

During summer the grassed area of the reserve becomes a carpet of beautiful pink grass-trigger plants, while autumn sees a fascinating display of coloured fungi along the walking track.

Crisp winter mornings transform the reserve into a wonderland of frosted grass with occasional snowfalls.

The Upper Natone Reserve is approximately 30 kms from Burnie via Stowport & Natone. Or alternativeley turn off the Ridgley Highway (B18) at Hampshire.